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MPR* December  2020

"I met Amanda when someone in my "Parkinson's boxing class" told me that my failing voice could be strengthened or even restored by speech therapy with Amanda, and he was right! I am now a happy member of her Loud Crowd, and I speak again with confidence and intent. I appear in Zoom meetings, read aloud at in-person meetings, and order food, secure in the knowledge that I can again be heard and understood... Of course, her clients include others besides those with Parkinson's, but I am using myself as an example to tell my first-person experience with this dedicated speech pathologist. She has changed the lives of all of us in her group. " 

FV* September 2019

"Amanda, I just want to say that I want to thank you for helping me. I was worried that I will always have a gravelly voice and I think you've given me some hope that I can find ways around it. Thank you again.”

BK* August 2018

"Amanda gave me a clue about my diagnosis which has been gold. I was losing my ability to speak on the phone and now I can speak on the phone perfectly. I can communicate on a whole different level now which has helped communication in my marriage."

*This testimonial was unsolicited and provided to our practice. It is posted with permission of the client. It reflects the individual's unique experience and may not be reflective of every client experience. We do strive for all clients to be empowered by our services and feel these comments demonstrate this possibility.

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