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Who We Are

We are a team of private, medical speech-language pathologists providing specialized services for adults who are experiencing communication or swallowing challenges that result from stroke, dementia, brain injury, head and neck cancer, or progressive neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.

In addition to therapy services, we offer our care partner coaching program which empowers care partners with an arsenal of tools, strategies, and aids to address everyday challenges that result from their loved one's impaired communication and memory. We hope to ease the challenges faced by the care partners and increase participation in the activities of their loved ones.

Our Approach

We take a caring and personalized approach to developing therapy programs tailored to your unique needs and goals. Most importantly, we are committed to helping you make progress to improve your quality of life. And best of all, we come to you and provide "out-patient" services in the comfort of your home.

We also offer care partner coaching, SPEAK OUT! Parkinson's speech and voice therapy, and other appropriate therapies via teletherapy for people who are social distancing or live outside of our service area. 

Are you ready to improve your level of independence and quality of life?

Are you having difficulty returning to work or school after suffering a brain injury?

Does your speech or voice disorder prevent you from socializing with others or impact you at work?

Is your swallowing difficulty preventing you from joining social gatherings or impacting your desire to eat?

We Are Here To Help.

"Amanda gave me a clue about my diagnosis which has been gold. I was losing my ability to speak on the phone and now I can speak on the phone perfectly. I can communicate on a whole different level now which has helped communication in my marriage." 

~ B.K., Pawleys Island, SC, August 2018

Align Speech Therapy and Consulting is proud to offer the SPEAK OUT! program for individuals with Parkinson's disease. Amanda Barclay M.S. CCC-SLP is a certified provider of this specialized treatment program! Click here for more information.

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