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Care Partner Coaching

Care partner coaching is ideal for any care partners of a loved one with communication, cognition, memory, and/or swallowing challenges that impact everyday activities and challenge the care partner's ability to provide care and support. Family and care partner coaching is a service designed to empower care partners with an arsenal of tools, strategies, and aids to address everyday challenges. Examples of goals we may focus on include:

  • Increasing safety in the home

  • Increasing your loved one’s participation in activities of daily living

  • Creating graphic aids to help loved ones with memory impairments

  • Teaching supportive communication techniques to help your loved one with aphasia

  • Developing strategies for a loved one to minimize undesired behaviors  

During our initial session we will have a conversation and ask questions to complete an informal assessment of your and your loved one's needs, goals, and expectations. Following the initial session, we will make recommendations for follow-up sessions in order to help the family and care partner develop confidence in using the tools and strategies recommended. 

Are you concerned about your loved one's safety within the home?

Does your loved one have difficulty remembering things and you would like to learn how to help?

Are you anxious when you have to leave your loved one alone for any period of time?

Are you interested in learning how to support communication?​

We Are Here To Help.
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